Opening a BootCamp Drivers download or other pkg or dmg file on Windows 7 or 8 with 7-Zip

If you’ve downloaded bootcamp drivers for Macs to run Windows 7 or 8, but have done the download in Windows, you may be stuck on how to open the downloaded BootCampESD.pkg file you’ve now got.

The answer is to get a copy of 7-zip, which is free, and which is your ‘Swiss army knife’ to open the Apple .pkg and .dmg files and the ISO file inside.

  1. Launch 7-zip
  2. In 7-zip, open the BootCampESD.pkg. Inside you’ll find a Payload file and a few other files. Double click the Payload file.
  3. Inside is a folder, which you double click. Inside that another folder, which you double click. Inside that … just keep clicking down the levels of nested folders.
  4. Eventually, several levels down, you’ll get to a file called 0.Apple_ISO or some such.
  5. Now, extract this o.Apple_ISO to the desktop (or somewhere) and rename it to Apple.ISO.
  6. Now, either: Mount it by double clicking it—should work in Windows 7—or else by getting hold of PowerISO or similar; OR use 7-zip again to open this ISO file, and extract the contents to a folder.
  7. These are you driver installers. Create an empty folder on your desktop, and drag them out into it.
  8. Finally, open the folder you just created, and run the setup.exe

96 thoughts on “Opening a BootCamp Drivers download or other pkg or dmg file on Windows 7 or 8 with 7-Zip

      1. shawn

        hope im not doing anything wrong. but i did everything and when i double clicked on iso, it extracted everything through that zip and then nothing happened…. Totally confused, after 2 weeks of finally finding your website i’m about to drop my mac book pro retina in the ocean. lol. help if u can, and thank-you.

        1. Chris F Carroll Post author

          Hi Shawn,
          Try doing it this way:

          1. When you get to the bottom level, inside the ISO, select everything and click the Extract button on the 7-zip toolbar.
          2. Take careful note of where it’s about to extract to.
          3. Close 7-zip
          4. Find the folder.
          5. Double click the installer file, which is usually the one of type “Windows Installer Package”

          Otherwise, post a list of all the file names that you see inside the iso. Which version of Windows are you on?


      1. Will

        I figured it out… I had to extrac the “0.Apple_ISO” file to the desktop (I’m using Windows 8 Pro x64 by the way). Then I had to change the file name to “Apple.iso”. Then I mounted that and it worked like a charm.

        1. Mai N.

          Thank you so much Will and Chris!!! I was so glad I found this page. You guys are amazing! Just a clarification for those that might have run into the same issue after you drag and rename the file. Right click and choose 7-zip and extract to “Apple\”. That did the trick for me. So grateful!

  1. lukeclancy

    thanks Chris & Will.

    thanks to the files on your first page Chris, and Will’s fix here, I’m up and running with Win 8 on my Mac Pro (with Boot Camp now installed too).

    nice work, folks!

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  3. mowjoe

    Hey man, everything is working great until I try to run the Installer part. I dragged all files from the apple.iso to the desktop, click on setup.exe and I get an “Setup was unable to find the msi package or patch C:\\ ect” error message. Am I doing something wrong? Your reply would be appreciated! thanks

  4. Walt

    I am at the payload file how long do I click? been clicking an hour and nothing, all I get is “open with” no files of any kind by double clicking. I’m using windows 8 pro on a imac pc but no ios just windows 8 pro

    1. Chris F Carroll Post author

      You want to open it with 7-zip again. If you know your way through Windows’ “Open with” feature then you can choose 7-zip. If you don’t, then do it this way:

      1. Drag the Payload onto your desktop.
      2. Open 7-zip
      3. Within 7-zip, navigate to Desktop, and then double-click the Payload.

      Now you’re up to the bit where you see a folder which you double click to get another folder which you double click to get another folder which … until you get to a 0.Apple_ISO file, which gets you to step 4 in the original post.

      If it doesn’t work, redo the download again, in case the file was corrupted at download.
      Hope that helps,

  5. Ali

    hello guys,
    found this post very useful to get my windows 7 on mbp working properly thanks a million coz i struggled alot to find some solution n eventually got it here.
    Got one more problem wondering if any of u expert can help me, i tried to erase disk with disk utility in internet recovery mode but it would not do it as it is in ntfs format , all other formats can be selected but ntfs is greyed out and disk identifier gives error invalid request. can somebody help me on this please. thanks

  6. Ali

    thanks for the link chris. but my problem is i havent got os x on mbp its just windows 7 ive got n i just want to format my disk (currently in ntfs format) back to mac format so i can install os x on it. pardon me if i used some wrong terms as i m completely new to macs. thanks in advance

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