Opening a BootCamp Drivers download or other pkg or dmg file on Windows 7 or 8 with 7-Zip

If you’ve downloaded bootcamp drivers for Macs to run Windows 7 or 8, but have done the download in Windows, you may be stuck on how to open the downloaded BootCampESD.pkg file you’ve now got.

The answer is to get a copy of 7-zip, which is free, and which is your ‘Swiss army knife’ to open the Apple .pkg and .dmg files and the ISO file inside.

  1. Launch 7-zip
  2. In 7-zip, open the BootCampESD.pkg. Inside you’ll find a Payload file and a few other files. Double click the Payload file.
  3. Inside is a folder, which you double click. Inside that another folder, which you double click. Inside that … just keep clicking down the levels of nested folders.
  4. Eventually, several levels down, you’ll get to a file called 0.Apple_ISO or some such.
  5. Now, extract this o.Apple_ISO to the desktop (or somewhere) and rename it to Apple.ISO.
  6. Now, either: Mount it by double clicking it—should work in Windows 7—or else by getting hold of PowerISO or similar; OR use 7-zip again to open this ISO file, and extract the contents to a folder.
  7. These are you driver installers. Create an empty folder on your desktop, and drag them out into it.
  8. Finally, open the folder you just created, and run the setup.exe

96 thoughts on “Opening a BootCamp Drivers download or other pkg or dmg file on Windows 7 or 8 with 7-Zip

  1. Heather

    “Opening a BootCamp driver download or other pkg or dmg file on Windows 7 or 8
    with 7-Zip | Chris F Carroll” was a fantastic post
    and I actually was very glad to find the article. Thanks a lot,Amos

  2. dshyryayev

    Looks like for new MacBookPro11,1 this is doesn’t work:
    I probably need to get the latest drivers from some other pkg file, because this one
    doesn’t contains the latest drivers.

  3. Fredy

    Boa tarde, pessoal fiz alguns experimentos nestas dias, tentando instalar o Lion num MACWhite 2007, que estava morto um par de anos e consegui trazer de volta ele, como já não tinha mais Hd dele tive que pegar um Hd de um notebook com Windows que estava com problema de tela. Ambos tem processador Core 2 Duo e ambos estavam com 4gb. de RAM DDR2. Minha idéia inicial era colocar o HD com o Windows no WHITE e dar COMMAND+R no WHITE e tentar instalar Lion usando internet no Hd de 320Gb.

    Para minha surpresa, após ligar o White, antes de dar COMMAND+R, ele começou a carregar o Windows 8.1 que já tinha no HD, deixei ele e foi, depois foi instalando atualizações e todos os componentes do White estavam a funcionar bem, aceito o Touch(que funcionava parcialmente) e o som que não funcionava, baixe um drive para são e funcionou. Porém para o Touch-Mouse, não consegui drive. ….

    Uma experiencia legal ….

    Bom com o COMMAD+R não consegui instalar o Lion não White, a solução foi usar um HD externo num MACPro 2011, com Lion e dar command+R e instalar o Lion via internet no HD externo e sem fazer configurações personalizadas tirar o Hd externo e colocar no White, blz, o White voltou na vida…


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