Build mod_jk for centos

This post tells you everything you need to know. I’ve reduced it to a script:

# Build the mod_jk apache tomcat connector from src tarball and install it
set -x
if [ -z "$srcball" ]; then
    echo The source tarball was not given - expected something like \"tomcat-connectors-versionxxx-src\" to be passed as parameter
    exit 1

pushd /tmp
    curl$srcball.tar.gz -O

    if [ ! -f /tmp/$srcball.tar.gz ]
      echo $srcball.tar.gz not found in /tmp/. Couldn\'t build mod_jk
      exit 2 

    tar xvf $srcball.tar.gz
    cd $srcball/native
    ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs
    cp ./apache-2.0/ /etc/httpd/modules/

Make OS X Spaces work properly

For years I have shunned Apple’s OS X Spaces as useless. I was excited about them for a good 2 minutes, which is how long it took to find out that if I had 2 spaces open, and I opened a browser in the 2nd space, then it flipped back to the 1st space. Completely not the point of having Spaces.
Until today. I found this setting in Mission Control:
OS X Mission Control when switching to an application switch Space setting
So I un-ticked it. Perfect. Now I can have a space for work, a space for homework, with browser and mail and other windows open in each space, and it no longer flips between them except I want it to.