Weave The People Technology for Connecting People

Weave The People is a cute bit of technology led by a friend of mine, that helps you to get the most out of meetings by getting people to interact and think before the meeting starts.

Pragmatically it gives you a flying start on the business of your meeting; socially it gives you a chance to get to know people early. Like all things ground-breaking, it’s a bit hard to categorise. Try it and see.

Don’t do iisreset do …

a mini batch file in your start menu, when you’re debugging the application startup of a .Net application, and keep wanting to restart it:

taskkill /im aspnet_wp.exe /f
if not errorlevel == 0 pause


taskkill /im w3wp.exe /f
if not errorlevel == 0 pause

which does the job much faster.

Assuming, of course, that your reason for wanting to do an iis reset was to force a .Net application restart. And you don’t mind forcing all running .Net applications to restart. And you’re not on a busy production machine at rushhour.