Where are you on the global rich list?

According to my calculation at the global rich list, if you're on the dole in Britain, you're likely one of the richest people in the world – an income of £80 per week, with no other benefits or income would put you in the top 14% richest people in the world.

We nearly always focus more on comparing ourselves with those richer than us, and ignore those who have less, as if they didn't count. Feeling pressured to keep up with the Joneses? Think of all those people out there who dream of being half as rich as you.

Birchwood Community Church and the Real Café Encounter

Birchwood community church is where I worship, and the church family I belong to. I was trustee of the church for five years and in 2010 led the team to open the acting café manager. The church is a UK registered charity (formal named Birchwood Evangelical Church) and is quite involved with provision of community services in Warrington East area and, with other Warrington churches, with foodbanks.