Restore files from an Apple Time Machine Backup to Windows

As noted in Reading a Mac OS X disk from Windows if you can plug your Mac OS X drive into your Windows computer then you can use HFS Explorer to read it.

This works fine for Apple Time Machine Backups: look for the directory called /Backups.backupdb/ and within that, the name of your computer. You'll find dated directories of your backups. If you're just after the most recent version of your files, then look for a directory called "Latest".

It's quite clever — the folder for a given date shows you not just files backed up on that date but everything that was on your original disk at that date. The magic of file system links.

Birchwood Community Church and the Real Café Encounter

Birchwood community church is where I worship, and the church family I belong to. I was trustee of the church for five years and in 2010 led the team to open the acting café manager. The church is a UK registered charity (formal named Birchwood Evangelical Church) and is quite involved with provision of community services in Warrington East area and, with other Warrington churches, with foodbanks.