BootCamp Download Stuck – How to Get Drivers for Macs to run Windows 7 or 8

— updated after BootCamp 5 release June 2013 —

Where can you get a direct download of Windows drivers for Macs if BootCamp is stuck, and says ‘could not continue’ or you have some other problem downloading the drivers?

The brute force solution: it’s a darned large download, so physically take your machine to somewhere with a very fast internet connection that can download 600MB – 1GB in a couple of minutes. There, you’re done. Especially if you have a laptop, this would be the simplest solution – even take it to an Apple Store.

For the rest of us:

  1. If not, then first find out your Mac’s ModelIdentifier
    • Q: How do I find my Mac’s Model Identifier?
      A: Open System Information, and look in the Hardware Overview section.
      In other words: Click Apple menu -> About this Mac -> More Info… -> System Report -> Hardware. Now, read down the list in the Hardware Overview panel, looking for Model Identifier
    • If you’re stuck, see the note below.
    • Note that a ModelIdentifierHasNoSpacesInItAtAll.
  2. Second, get a download manager. You can try doing without, but the reason you’re on this page is that you’re having trouble getting a file to download reliably. A download manager such as iGetter or Folx solves this problem.
  3. Then, search for your ModelIdentifier in the table below. Click the link to get the download package. Be patient as they are 600MB to over 1GB. It will be much simpler if you do the download in OS X, because OS X can open the downloaded file and also open the dmg file inside it.

  4. Still in Mac OS X, once your pkg is downloaded, double click it and install to a folder on your hard drive so you know where to find it. During the Installation, click the “Change Location” option so that you can choose where it gets installed.Image of OS X Installer step where you can choose the folder to install to

  5. The folder contains a nest of folders, the last of which contains a dmg disk image file. Double click that to open. At last! Here are your Windows installer files.Install BootCampESD 4 Find and Double click the dmg fileBootCamp WindowsSupport.dmg Contents

    BootCamp WindowsSupport.dmg Contents of Drivers Folder

  6. Copy them to a usb drive, or a burnable CD. NB, it’s still 660MB or more, so it’s a full CDs worth of burning time.
  7. Done. You can now proceed with Boot Camp assistant Windows installation and boot the Mac in Windows.

If you must do the download in Windows instead OS X, it’s harder. You will need the help on to open the pkg file and the dmg file inside it.

BootCamp Direct Download Links

Most of these driver downloads work for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 8 on 32-bit is not officially supported, but almost everything seems to works on fine on not-officially supported models: the only specific shortcoming I’m aware of is that the screen brightness buttons don’t work on all models.

Model Identifier Size & driver release date Direct Download Link
438MB, 3 Dec 2012
1,058MB, 15 June 2012
942MB, 15 June 2012 h
676MB, 23 May 2012 h
632MB, 23 May 2012

Finding your ModelIdentifier

If you’re struggling to find your ModelIdentifier then you want the brilliant page at which can tell you what model Mac you have based on serial number. On the result page after you submit, look carefully and you’ll the ModelIdentifier.

Still stuck?

If you’re still stuck, then:

  1. Look through the comments for people with similar problems — there have been a couple of hundred so they cover pretty much everything I can suggest.
  2. Try my summary of problems/solutions for direct download of bootcamp drivers


See BootCampESD.pkg download instructions for references and for the DIY instructions to work out these links yourself.

364 thoughts on “BootCamp Download Stuck – How to Get Drivers for Macs to run Windows 7 or 8

  1. Randy

    For those having a problem finding the disk image if you don’t get the folder option at the installer the file path is: ./Library/ApplicationSupport/BootCamp/WindowsSupport.dmg


  2. Paul M

    files don’t seem to be located in the ./Library/ApplicationSupport/BootCamp/WindowsSupport.dmg (under your user directory). On my MACBook Pro, they installed in the /Library/ApplicationSupport/BootCamp/WindowsSupport.dmg (root directory for the machine library.


    1. Chris F Carroll Post author

      Hi Matt – it would seem not. If it’s an Intel chip you could try your luck on using the imac5,1 drivers and see how well that works. I must admit I’m not sure what your ‘official’ Apple supported option is: This page talks about Win7 , but you may do better googling on “BootCamp Windows XP” which I don’t have a page for but I know someone does. I may have a better answer in a few days.

      1. Matt

        I downloaded the imac5 drivers and I manually installed each driver from the files and it windows is working perfectly. Thank you for your help.

  3. Himanshu

    Hi Chris,
    I have an imac 2011,2 but recently upgraded it to mountain lion 10.8.2,so the bootcamp is now a version 5…. Should I download drivers for imac12,2 or for imac13????

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Wim

    Hi Chris,

    Nice Work! After a fatal upgrade from W7 to W8 on the Macbook Pro of my wife, I decided to go back to W7. W8 on the Macbook was a disaster! But the orginal Bootcamp CD was nowhere to find (was there one delivered ?, I don’t know). Thanks to your instructions I got everything back to normal. Thanks!

  5. Max

    I recently bought the macbook pro 9,2 and the disk did not come with it so i have to get the drivers onto a USB, but i can not find any link like you described above, What can i do ??

  6. crespy

    i have a problem when i download windows support software from apple my download dnt complet & i cant define enything in windos plz help my mac is 9.2 plz answer me

    1. Chris F Carroll Post author

      Hi crespy, if you follow this instructions at the top of the page you should be fine. If it looks a bit difficult, perhaps ask a friend to read the instructions with you and help you through them? Cheers Chris

    1. Chris F Carroll Post author

      Alas not. That’s the first generation of Intel MacBook Pro I think – Apple only ever officially supported Win XP. What you can try is googling on ‘bootcamp windows xp’ I think this link is the one. It’s a bit more work though.
      Your other option is to install Windows 7 and hope it works. You should get reasonable screen resolution and working USB keyboard and mouse, but you won’t get proper screen brightness control. Sorry. Chris

  7. Max

    Hey Chris, I got a iMac13,2, installed Windows7 but after running the Setup neither the wireless mouse, wireless keyboard nor a USB mouse or keyboard will react. They were fine before (since I couldn’t have installed bootcamp this might be obvious) so I need help here.

    1. Chris F Carroll Post author

      That doesn’t sound good. Do you mean that “you used to have Windows 7 working fine on your iMac13,2 but after downloading and installing the bootcamp drivers from the link above the keyboard/mouse no longer works in Windows but does still work when you boot into OS X” or does that not exactly describe what doesn’t work?
      Your first step is writing out a precise description of what you had beforehand, what steps you went through and what doesn’t work now. Post on an apple forum too, 100 heads are better than 2 or 3.

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