BootCamp Drivers direct download—further help

If you’ve downloaded bootcamp drivers for Macs to run Windows 7 or 8, but still have problems, here’s my summary of the main issues and solutions I know of:

  1. The download file won’t open; or it doesn’t seem to work somehow; or doesn’t contain all the drivers you expect Do the download again using a download manager because sometimes the download appears to finish but hasn’t really. There are a couple of download managers I know of for OS X:
    Folx by Eltima, who have been doing Mac software for years
    iGetter has been working well for a decade
  2. You get an error message saying that the drivers can’t be installed on this computer model.In this case you may have one of 3 problems:
    1. You clicked the wrong download link. Check the instructions on finding your ModelIdentifier again carefully, and try again.
    2. Some Macs only get drivers for 32-bit versions of Windows and some only get drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows so if you install the wrong one, you’ll have to start again.
    3. Back to item one – your download didn’t work properly. Get a download manager and try it again
  3. If you no longer have OS X on your machine, or if you did the download in Windows anyway, then opening-a-bootcamp-driver-download-on-windows-7-or-8-with-7-zip is the page that explains how to open the pkg file and the dmg file in Windows
  4. And finally the really obscure one: All you get in your download is drivers for a Motoral modem. I’m not sure what’s going on here, so I’m grasping at straws but you could try this: in the download URL, replace the by using nslookup to to see if you can change which server is ‘really’ serving your download, for instance:

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  1. Hi

    I have the iMac 13,2 – 3.4 i7 with 680MX 2GB and 3TB Fusion Drive.

    I’m following a tutorial on how to install Windows 8 onto an external Thunderbolt drive, but the whole process has stopped because I can’t find the BootCamp Drivers for this iMac. Basically, I’m looking for the 1TB Fusion drive model with the otherwise exact same spec iMac.

    Do you know how/where I can find them please?

    You’re site’s really, really helpful, but I’m afraid that this version isn’t yet mentioned in your list.

    Thanks so much


      1. Hi Chris
        Well i install Windows 7 32bit, but the drivers are in 64bit and i could not find the 32bit drivers, i need help please (ihave osx mountain lion)

      1. Hi Chris I’m if I’m not sure if I’m missing something here; I see the iMac10,1 on the table but there is no link to click on next to it? there are links further up the list but not next to mine?

          1. Hi Chris

            Thank you i worked it out 🙂 , it seems to work
            the only thing is it is crashing sometimes its seems especially when I’m on the internet or leave my safari open any ideas? it just crashes and restarts again in windows

  2. hi carroll

    i have a macbook pro bought last month 13inch .. 2.9ghz i7.. the problem is i downloaded the 9.2 boot camp as u uploaded .. but when i install on mac os x i stuck in the step 5 which i cant locate the ‘window support.dmg’ file in order for me to complete install the driver .. i cant u many main function in my windows 7 on mac .. help pls thanks

  3. yes i just saw it .. but can i install all software just a single click ? or do i need to choose the suitable 1 between all the drivers ?

    another things .. if i spot the windowssupport.dmg file and double click it inside will
    have many drivers right ..? so i have to swith to the windows ? or on mac os itself ?

    thanks for kind help
    i m new to mac ..:)

    1. Double-click the dmg when still in Mac. Copy everything inside it to a usb thumb drive. Then restart in windows. Then plug in the thumb drive and double click the installer.

      If you’re new to Mac — did you first run BootCamp assistant? That’s Apple’s kind-of idiot-proof tool for all this which is much simpler. You only need the help here if BootCamp Assistant failed somehow.

  4. hi carroll

    i install windows 8 on my MacBookPro8,2, and i install my bootcamp, but it not complete for example i cant use hole brightness of my monitor and….
    can you help me ?

    and last night apple officially release 10,8,3 and it had bootcamp 5, when you upload in your site?

    1. Hi Shahriar, I’ll probably update for bootcamp 5 next week. Sorry I don’t think I can help with the incomplete driver support — all my bootcamp page can do is help you get the drivers downloaded when bootcamp assistant fails.
      But says that BootCamp 5 covers Windows 8, so you should be able to go back to Apple for support?

      1. hi caroll

        i look up that link and i find bootcamp 5, tanx for your help i download it and install it on my windows 8, its work fine, but i still had my brightness problem, i google it finally i fount it. in windows 8 setting we have option that say atuo adjust brightness and we should turn it off, every think back to normal, again tanx for your help

  5. Chris,

    Just want to start off by saying thank you. This problem of downloading windows support software seems to be endless but you might have a solution here. I have a macbook7,1 and I am running 10.8 mountain lion with 4GB ram. I want to install windows 7 64 bit. I have seen your list of drivers for different macs but there is no link next to the macbook 7,1. Am I out of luck?


  6. Can I just say – thank you!?! You provided the best answers I have found on the web. As a newbie to using Bootcamp, you provided better answers than the hundreds of pages of info from the Apple Support pages.

    Thank you!

  7. I have just formated my partition to make more space… however now that i have installed windows 7 again, it keep getting the 32/64bit problem, in either download i chose to install, or the model isnt correct, i dunno how to get past this issue.

  8. Hello. How about bootcamp 5 drivers? I want to use white macbook 4,1 with w8 64bit but I don’t know about bootcamp 5. Does it have drivers for 4,1 or not? Thank you.

  9. Hey Chris, first let me say Thanks! After searching long and hard for even one of these drivers, your site has been the absolute most help and success. That being said, I’m running a MacBookPro1,1 with OS 10.6.8, booting windows 7 sp1 in bootcamp. I didn’t see my model listed on your drivers so downloaded the closest one and manually installed some drivers. Any advice for a more complete installation? Thanks.

    1. Morning Josh,
      Alas, Apple didn’t publish Win7 drivers for models earlier than the ones I’ve listed — they only did WinXP drivers. You could try your luck with downloading the MacBookPro2,1 drivers but … MacBookPro2,1 was a different processor (Core 2 Duo) and might completely crash the machine.

      I guess the main things not working would be keyboard layout/backlit keyboard/screen brightness controls?

      If you’re feeling brave and do it anyway, I’d try it this way: Do the download as per /p682/download-bootcamp-drivers, but instead of running setup.exe, double click the drivers directory and run just the installer in the ‘Apple’ folder. See if that fixes anything. If still feeling lucky, you might try the video drivers too

  10. Hey Chris, thanks for the prompt response. Typical Apple developers… oh well, I downloaded the drivers and manually installed everything that would install. A definite improvement is evident. Still trying out various things to see what works and what doesn’t. I appreciate your help.

  11. Thanks for this information. After understanding the whole process I can now run Windows 7 on my MacBook4,1. In my case, I was able to install x64 version, but as explained on the above apple’s link, this version was not supported by boot camp support. I reinstalled x86 (32-bit) version and could then run the apple support software. I now have Win 7 x32 and Apple Support 4.0.

    I downloaded the BootCampESD.pkg file from an alternative source, above. This may help others looking for the file.

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