Basic SEO—An Example

A friend of name, a teenage actor, asked me about SEO stuff earlier today. She has a website and was concerned it wasn't rising up the rankings very well.
Using a third party website site doesn't give you a huge amount of control but the basics are the same under any circumstances: You need a page with information on the topic at hand; and you want other websites to link to it. I originally had Rachel's name in the title of this post, but since she's now dominating the rankings for here name, I guessed it was no longer necessary! It does help if you have a name like Rachel Kevern though - shared by only a handful of other people in the world 😉

Rachel Kevern

In 2013 I saw Rachel acting & singing in Les Miserables and also saw her singing last night as part of The Voice. Which was excellent! After that, she got the role of Vi, the Reverend's wife in Footloose, at the Z-arts centre in Manchester. Find her at

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  1. Hi Chris –

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for doing this for me! My website is now the second result displayed on Google when you search ‘Rachel Kevern’. Yay.

    Thanks again,

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Basic SEO—An Example

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