Your CPU vs your code. Two short lessons in software performance

There’s a great Q and Answer at dijkstra-path-finding-in-c-is-15x-slower-than-c-version which starts with C++ code at 2ms vs C# at 38ms; and finishes with C# at 2.8ms.

On similar lines, the solution to this riddle — why-does-net-core-2-0-perform-worse-than-net-framework-4-6-1 — has nothing to do with the framework; it results from the slower performance of 64bit code compared to 32bit.

Which just goes to confirm what you might have suspected;

VMs aren’t that slow; and
For best performance, you have to understand your VM, and your language, and your O/S, and ultimately your CPU.

2 thoughts on “Your CPU vs your code. Two short lessons in software performance”

  1. ***ASP.NET with .Net Core 2.0.7*** in _IIS_ `Windows Server 2012/2016` ***`more performance`*** than
    ***ASP.NET with .Net Framework 4.7.2*** in _IIS_ `Windows Server 2012/2016` ?

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Your CPU vs your code. Two short lessons…

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