Losing Internet Connection When You Plug In An Ethernet Cable?

How to keep your wireless internet connection working when you also have a wired connection

You know the scenario. There you are with a wireless internet connection, you want to configure a router, you plug it into your ethernet port because you still want to keep your internet connection alive and ping! your internet connection has gone.


Open your network control panel to the settings for your wired ethernet connection. Change the IP configuration from DHCP to Manual. Remove any router or gateway settings. Apply.
You should now find that your computer routes to the internet successfully over your wireless connection instead of failing by trying to reach the internet over your wired connection.

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  1. Hey, thank you very much. I was quite puzzled after encountering the problem mentioned above. Who would have thought that there would be such an easy solution? Now I can do what I wanted to do, thanks a lot!

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Losing Internet Connection When You Plug…

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