Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard : Download BootCamp Drivers

updated October 2012. Go to the newer

See BootCampESD.pkg download instructions for the DIY instructions on how to work out these links yourself.

Older download links for Windows drivers for Mac models to 2011

Use these instructions if BootCamp Assistant fails to download the drivers for you.

  1. Find your model in the table below. Click the link to get the download package. Be patient as they are 600MB to over 1GB.
    • Q: How do you find out your Mac's Model Identifier?
      A: Open System Information, and look in the Hardware Overview section.
      In other words: Click Apple menu -> About this Mac -> More Info… -> System Report -> Hardware. Now, read down list in the Hardware Overview panel, looking for Model Identifier
  2. Once your pkg is downloaded, double click it and install to a folder on your hard drive so you know where to find it.
  3. The folder contains a nest of folders, the last of which contains a dmg disk image file. Double click to open. Voila. Here are your Windows installer files.
  4. Copy them to a usb drive, or a burnable CD. NB, it's 600MB or even over 1GB. A CD is usually max 800MB.
  5. Done. You can now proceed with Boot Camp assistant Windows installation.

BootCamp Drivers Download Links for Macs running OS X Lion and Snow Leopard


Drivers Download link


iMac12,2 MacBookPro8,1 MacBookPro8,2 MacBookPro8,3

MacBookAir5,1 MacBookAir5,2


MacBookAir4,2 Macmini5,1 Macmini5,2 Macmini5,3

MacBook3,1 MacBook4,1 MacBook5,1 MacBook5,2 MacBook5,3 MacBook6,1 MacBook7,1
MacBookAir1,1 MacBookAir2,1 MacBookAir3,1 MacBookAir3,2 MacBookPro2,1
MacBookPro2,2 MacBookPro3,1 MacBookPro4,1 MacBookPro5,1 MacBookPro5,2
MacBookPro5,3 MacBookPro5,4 MacBookPro5,5 MacBookPro6,1 MacBookPro6,2
MacBookPro7,1 MacBookPro8,1 MacBookPro8,2 MacBookPro8,3 MacPro1,1 MacPro2,1
MacPro3,1 MacPro4,1 MacPro5,1 Macmini2,1 Macmini3,1 Macmini4,1 iMac5,1
iMac6,1 iMac7,1 iMac8,1 iMac9,1 iMac10,1 iMac11,1 iMac11,2 iMac11,3 iMac12,1

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  1. I just burn the .dmg file straight to the CD correct? Or does it need to be converted to an .ISO? As of right now it says: Burning Image”WindowsSupport.dmg”

    1. Hi Jansen,
      Yes, burning the .dmg file straight to a CD is an option. Just make sure you end up with a CD that contains the windows files inside the dmg file, not a CD that contains the dmg file itself. If it goes wrong, try double clicking the dmg file and burn the contents to a CD instead.

  2. Chris,

    You should work for Apple! I was starting to get frustrated after trying to download through BootCamp installer for FOUR DAYS! You answered my prayers! Thanks again for your help.

    Simon 🙂

  3. I tried the same file that worked for you as I have Macbook 2,1. However, upon trying to use it, I was told that it only worked for windows 7. Is there an option out there for those of us using XP?

    1. If you have a MacBook 2,1 then presumably you have an earlier version of OS X than Lion? Apparently the Snow Leopard install discs have Windows drivers on them, so that would work without downloading anything — boot into windows and then put the snow leopard install disk in.
      Otherwise I’d suggest googling ‘bootcamp windows xp ‘ + the specific OS X version you have as a next step?

  4. does anyone mind pointing me to exactly the one i need.

    i have a macbook pro 13″, early 2011, intel i5,

    i would appreciate it as i can’t figure it out and bootcamp won’t let me download the support software, and i am not in the us, without a mac osx installation cd.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I’m still running into the same problems of “cannot find correct drivers.” I’m downloaded and installed the 041-2011 for my macbookpro7,1 and put the contents of that on a flash drive. When I get to that first windows install screen (where I’ve been getting the no drivers error message) I can go into my flash drive, and select different folders. With the “hide drivers not compatible with your hardware” unchecked, I can get a list of drivers to choose from depending on where within the drivers folder from my flash drive I select. None of them work since they are supposedly not compatible with my computer. Is there a specific driver I should be looking for or a reason why it seems like it can’t scan all the folders at once?


    1. Hi Matt, you may have misread MacBook7,1 for MacBookPro7,1? I agree though I can’t find MacBookPro7,1 in any of the dist links I’ve posted. If you’re running Windows 7, I suggest this: Use the download link on for MacBookPro7,1 even though you aren’t running Mountain Lion. After all, when you’re running Windows you aren’t running Mountain Lion either. Let us know how that goes?

  6. Hi Chris,

    I’m running an old MacBook Pro 1,1 , Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and I’m wondering if these drivers will still work. I can’t find MacBook Pro 1,1 in the text doc and I’m wondering if you have any comments or suggestions?

    I’ve been working on this for ….oh a week….I just need the drivers! If you have idea, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance,


  7. After much frustration and head banging while trying to get the bootcamp drivers downloaded i happened to come across your instructions for a manual download and install.
    Following these, i managed to get my machine up and running properly in no time at all.

    Many thanks yet again from another satisfied reader

  8. Thank you!! What an awesome explanation of how to manually download bootcamp drivers. Thanks a million, just saved me hours of headache.

  9. Chris,
    Like many others I wasted time trying to download the Boot Camp package from Boot Camp Utility and then more hours looking for solutions on line, until I came upon your page!!! This has been a huge relief but I have come across another anomaly, namely that MacBookPro8.1 (the model I have) is listed in two of the URL’s – 041-4776 and 041-2011. I tried with 041-2011 and can’t get my touchpad to work properly. Before another long download I wondered if you knew which version is correct, or whether they are the same?
    Also, do you know whether I should install 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 on my Early 2011 Macbook Pro? as I have read that this might be a cause of trackpad failure. So far I have installed the 64-bit version.

  10. Thanks a lot from Brazil. Like most others if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have done it.
    Now moving ahead to make everything work appropriately.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Harry, if you reload the page, you’ll find I’ve done a table listing all the Mac models and their download links. Search for MacBookPro7,1 and you’ll get the link. Cheers, Chris

  11. Thanks very much for the links! Boot Camp was being stubborn and refusing to download the drivers. Bookmarked this page!

    1. Hi JMS,
      The instructions at the top of the page tell you how to find the Model Identifier for your Mac. If the instructions are difficult, try googling the full nameof your Mac, e.g. ‘Model Identifier for MacBook Pro 2.6 Quad-core i7 15 inch Retina’
      Or, see if you can find your model on this page:

  12. Hello. My Windows 7 is installed with the catalyst of radeon updated. But I have nothing more, no sound, no internet because bootcamp didn’t do his job.etc… so Can i use this package after the installation and how ? or do I have to rdo the installation ???
    Thanx for the tip.

    1. Yes, you can use the downloaded package after the installation. When you first install windows on a Mac, the hardware doesn’t do much. Then you install the bootcamp drivers package. Then it works. If bootcamp assistant doesn’t download the drivers for you properly, then this is the right page for you.

  13. Thanks for the post! im currently downloading it right now, please reply ASAP if i encountered a problem. THANKS! 🙂 btw, the reason im downloading this is cuz my win 7 on my mac can connect to the internet. been searching the internet for two hours then found your post. THANKS ALOT 🙂

  14. Hi Chris,

    You seems to help a lot of people with this page. Unfortunately, I cant find the driver for my Macbook 5,1. Do you know where I could download the bootcamp driver for my macbook 5,1 or is there any suitable replacement for my macbook 5,1 ?

    Thank you.

  15. I am running on an iMac 6,1 with Snow Leopard, and have downloaded the esd package.

    After running the installer, (which doesn’t tell me where it is installing) I still cannot run XP(it has already installed, it just will not run)…

    I want to upgrade to 8 which I already have a code for, but no install disc… Am I doing something wrong?

    The instructions say it should give you a folder to burn a disc from, mine just installs it and that is all.

    I look forward to any help I can get, I really want to play around with Windows 8 to help my selling of it at work… (not that I love it, but I need to.)

    1. Hi Dustin, this driver download does *not* help to get started with installing Windows — what these BootCamp drivers do is, once you’ve got Windows installed with basic minimal drivers, it allows you to use the full capabilities of the hardware (eg the graphics resolution, the camera, keyboard backlighting etc).
      If you’re sure you’ve got XP installed on your machine, then start up your machine whilst holding down the option (alt) key until icons appear allowing you to choose the Windows partition.
      Then run the Win8 installer.
      Then — and only then — do you need the drivers in this ESD package.

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