Software Quality — the Whole not the Parts

Ben Higginbottom makes a significant point right at the top of this question about the Knight Capital fiasco:

Was the Knight Capital fiasco related to Release Management? On August 1, 2012, Knight Capital Group had a very bad day, losing $440 million in forty-five minutes. More than two weeks later, there has been no official detailed explanation of ...

Ben Higginbottom: Nightmare scenarios like this are not the result in the failing in any one discrete components that can be 'fixed' simply and sweetly by improving the process, but by small failures in multiple domains (I'm kind of reminded of a fatal accident investigation). So coding error, gap in the unit testing, weak end to end testing and poor post release testing coupled with a lack of operational checks when live. I can understand the desire for a 'silver bullet' fix, but in any complex system I've never known them to exist.

Sometimes, it's the whole, not the parts, that needs fixing.

Software Quality — the Whole not the P…

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