BootCamp Drivers direct download for Windows 7 and 8

Updated April 2014

Apple have at long last provided not only direct download links for Windows drivers, but also tables of which link you need for each model/year. If you can work out which model of apple you have, you can now get the direct download link from the apple site.

How to find the correct BootCamp direct download link for your Mac model

  • Go to this page:
  • About half way down the page, find the heading "Boot Camp requirements by Mac model"
  • Under that, find the heading for your Mac model. There are headings for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro.
  • Each heading hides a table by model & year vs. windows version. There are direct download links for Windows 8 and Windows 7, for 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Choose your download. Done.

How do I work out which Mac model I have?

  • The same page has instructions. With pictures!

I downloaded. Now what?

  • Each download link includes instructions

But I'm in Windows already, and I can't open this .pkg file download Apple has just given me

Then you want this page:

Only 64-bit drivers are listed but I want 32-bit drivers. Or vice versa

You're stepping into the realm of the unsupported, so you're at your own risk here. What you can try is: get the download you think you want; open it with 7-zip; Now instead of running the installer, open the Folder that contains the individual driver installers. Run each of those. If it doesn't work, you can uninstall from the Windows Control Panel and try again with the drivers Apple said you should use.

My model isn't listed on that Apple page

Ah. Thats sad. You may be looking for the impossible. Your last hope is probably to try this page on older Mac models For models older than that, you're in the era before BootCamp downloads, and you probably need an OS X Leopard or earlier install CD.

23 thoughts on “BootCamp Drivers direct download for Windows 7 and 8”

      1. Hi carroll,
        This Andrew,
        please help me with a link where i can Download Boot Camp for windows 8.
        thank you.

        1. Hi Andrew, BootCamp itself is part of OS X, you can find Boot Camp Assistant in /Applications/Utilities.
          The link at the top of this page is the download link for drivers for Window 8.

  1. There are some tricks you can do it to install network and wireless driver for windows 8.1 :

    1- after installing windows 8 try to update bootCamp by running setup.exe again and repair

    2- install BroadcomNetAdapterWin7x64.exe again from folder driver in bootCamp driver

    It may work with you

  2. Hi, when i choose this option on the first menu on boot camp, “Download the latest Windows support software from Apple”, it try to start downloading, but sudennly stops and said that the drivers are not available on the server… What can I do?? Thank you.

      1. hi i need drivers for mac book pro 15″ bought on 13-10-2013 version is 10.8.5 can u give a direct link for me its 32bit

        1. Hi Sundar,
          Officially, Apple only seems to support 64 bit Windows on models since about 2012. The most recent BootCamp drivers for 32 bit are the BootCamp 4 version at You can try that, but if it doesn’t work well you’ll probably have to re-install Windows from scratch to install as 64 bit.

  3. hi, i bought a macbook pro retina, and i want to install windows 7 or 8 on my computer, I’ve heard from my friends that i can do it via boot camp, but they gave me a boot camp. files exe but i need a boot camp files pkg , i tried to download it but no result, i don’t know if you can advise me a link, or the way to get it.

  4. Hi Chris,

    You might want to update this guide, coz apple no longer provide direct bootcamp driver link.

      1. Yeah, the apple link still works, but they changed the page of where the downloads is. You can try this link below:

        This worked for me, it contained all the drivers i needed for it, the same as installing bootcamp when i first run windows.

        Hope this help you all for the new, and updated link. Enjoy.

  5. I have installed Windows 7 (64 bit) through boot camp assistant, its successfully installed. Afterwards, I installed the Autodesk 3dsMax 2016, its successfully installed too. But no idea why the 3dsMax cannot work properly, the icons & toolbar can function, but cannot draw, cannot see the gridlines. And it seems slow

    Could you pls help?


    1. So, I would guess that your video drivers aren’t the right ones. Fixing it would mean understanding what *exact* graphics card you’ve got. If you can do that, you should be able to download the best drivers straight from the manufacturer’s website. If you’re stuck, see if you can post your mac model and graphics card model. (but: I’m travelling for 3 weeks from tomorrow, may not get back to you quickly)

    1. If you can boot into OS X, you can do

      and then use everymac ultimate lookup ….

      But if you no longer have OS X on the machine … I’m not sure 🙁

      The best I can think of is, if you can see the CPU & graphics card specs from Windows – My Computer – Right Click – Properties then you can use that and the physical appearance to browse everymac till you see a match?

      This Apple specs lookup will also narrow down possibilities if you click on notebook and then type in the processor details.

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